Call for Papers


On behalf of the local organizing committee, we invite you to attend the 20th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Applications to Power Systems (ISAP 2019). The Intelligent Systems Applications to Power Systems Conference continues the tradition of preceding conferences on topics selected from current Power Systems problems and applications of intelligent systems.

ISAP is specially dedicated to provide a forum for academics, industry, and students to discuss innovative intelligent systems applications in the area of operation, control, planning and maintenance of large interconnected and isolated or weekly interconnected power system, and their particular components. ISAP 2019 focuses on power systems operation in a competitive environment, renewable energy and distributed generation, and also other subjects of interest in modern power systems. Employment of novel software technologies and other tools are in the special scope of the conference, but also intelligent approaches achieved with conventional programming are sought. Proposed subjects should be beyond the phase of declarations of interest or presentations of ideas; papers reporting practical realization and application will have priority.

The conference will provide opportunities for tutorials and technical visits.

The call for paper of the 20th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Applications to Power Systems can be downloaded here.


The conference welcomes papers on Intelligent Systems Techniques applied to Electrical Power and Energy Systems (Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Markets, Operations, and Planning) with preference to:

  • Load and renewables forecasting and estimation
  • Fault diagnosis and prognosis
  • Condition monitoring and asset management
  • Intelligent enterprise systems, e.g. intelligent outage management
  • System reliability, security, and adequacy
  • Big data, data analytics, and machine learning applications in power systems
  • Innovative and/or emerging applications of intelligent systems in power systems, such as machine learning, deep learning, and autonomous power systems
  • Special systems such as vessel systems, underwater systems, micro-grids, Nano-grids, autonomous power system
  • Social, legal, ethical, and business issues
  • Intelligent estimation & classification techniques including neural nets, fuzzy systems, data mining, decision tree
  • Data science, machine learning, and data analytics
  • Knowledge-based system including rule-based systems, expert systems, model-based reasoning
  • Advanced optimization techniques including genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization, ant colonies, immune system, and bacterial foraging
  • Multi-agent systems, evolutionary intelligent agents, adaptive distributed computing and control
  • Hybrid intelligent systems
  • Computational neuroscience
  • Game Theory
  • Molecular and quantum computing

Student participation

Students working on research subjects consisting related with the conference are highly encouraged to attend the ISAP and present their works. Moreover, ISAP 2019 will be a great opportunity for students willing to take the first steps in the ISAP area. The organizers will ensure a great program for students and a reduced rate for student registration.

Important dates

1st June, 2019: Full Paper Submission
15th August, 2019: Notification of Acceptance
5th September, 2019: Final Paper Submission
16th September, 2019: Early Bird Registration
5th – 8th December, 2019: Conference